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    In case you haven’t been there for a few weeks,*Bulk Reef Supply*recently revamped its website with some cutting-edge features anyone shopping for products will find useful.*As much gear and gadgets hobbyists buy, we all have had our fair share of time spent perusing different vendor and supplier websites. Some companies get it and have an intuitive website and others pay homage to the early days of Netscape with frustrating, hard-hard-to-navigate and just plain archaic design, so it is nice to see a website adds features to be more consumer friendly.

    It is good to see a company that is as geeked out by ecommerce and websites as they are about reef gadget, gear and gizmos. Besides a slick look, the BRS website has easier navigation with the ability to drill down into the product area you want with minimal clicks. The predictive learning search helps get you the results you need in a functional way. For example, searching for ‘carbon’ returns the product results in order of popularity and in a picture view so you can easily navigate to the product you need.

    The product pages have gotten some great new features as well. Peppering the site you will find some products with a 360-degree view. This is a handy feature to be able to literally take a ‘spin’ around the product making it as close to a real hands-on experience as possible. One feature we found handy was ‘Ships Today’ counter on each product page giving you a countdown to when today’s orders will ship. This takes the guesswork out of wondering if your product will make the daily shipping deadline.

    There are some features you will see on other ecommerce websites but overall we feel BRS did a great job staying on top of technology and providing a better online shopping experience for its customers. We always appreciate the BRS videos as well, giving us handy information and product overviews and the site redesign even got its own video treatment. For a complete rundown of the new site features, make sure to check out the video below.

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