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    Bulk Reef Supply is entertaining a temporary lapse of business logic today with unheard of prices, discounts and rebates. As if Ryan going through the BRS warehouse breaking stuff wasn’t enough, they are pulling all the stops when it comes to vying for your shopping dollars. Some would call it thermonuclear pricing, others would just call it bad business; but if you’re on*this side of the fence, you’ll call it a truckload of ridiculously priced reef gear.

    BRS’s Black Friday discounts include 15% off a whole range of already reasonably priced products from the*bulk reef supplies*that made BRS famous in the first place to the swanky and versatile Vertex Illumina LED lights. The Doorbusters selection is an unheard of 40% off of some really cool products, not the closeouts you’d expect them to be like the ever-popular Red Sea Coral Pro salt at $49 a bucket and Milwaukee digital refractometers for only $79. The real insanity might be with the 20% rebate on Vortech pumps which takes $50 off an MP10 and up to $135 off an MP60.

    When the smoke clears, accounting is probably going to make some heads roll at BRS but that’s not your problem, get you some underpriced reef aquarium gear while they still have the goods in stock.

    VorTech, Kessil and Neptune - Just Added - BRS Black Friday Doorbusters #DontTellJay - YouTube
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