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    BuildMyLED is ready to follow up on their award winning customizable striplights with a new series which is brighter and more colorful than any other on the market. The XB series of striplights from BuildMyLED uses the latest and greatest chip sets from all LED manufacturers, but this go around the XB is getting dressed up in Osram Oslon diodes with huge gains in brightness.

    Like the other BML strips, the XB series are fully customizable to create the balance of color and power that a user is particularly looking for. The mileage may vary for increased brightness but on average, the efficiency gains in the XB strips from BuildMyLED are anywhere from 20% to 40% brighter than the current gen BMP lighting sticks.

    The best part of the exceptional bump in brightness from the original to the XB series is only a marginal higher cost. For example, the original 12K BML strip is $119 while the same outfit in the XB BML strip is just $139. If you’ve got a bigger tank, or a deeper tank, or just want to supplement your existing light but didn’t think an LED striplight could do the job, revisit the BuildMyLED strips and take a look at the new and brighter XB series. [BuildMyLED]
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