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    If you thought that fly sumps were the only ace up Building An Obsession’s sleeve, then you’d be wrong. Building An Obsession has an exquisitely crafted dosing box in its acrylic works catalog that display the same level of craftsmanship and similar design details as their unique line of BAO Sumps.

    Building An Obsession’s dosing boxes have the telltale white acrylic top and bottom sandwiching the body of the dosing box. A red line of semi rigid tubing extends to the bottom of the box while simple etched markings indicate in quart increments, close enough to a liter.*A tight fitting lid keeps dust other debris out of your dosing solution and there’s even a holder for installing a float switch inside the container to wire up to a controller and indicate when its time to refill a gallon of your liquid buffer, alkalinity or whatever you’re dosing.

    Building An Obsession offers these 1.5 gallon mini dosing aquariums for $85 on their site, without the float switch and although they are currently sold out, something tells us they’ll be ramping up production once the world gets a taste of them. [Building An Obsession]

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