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Discussion in 'General Off Topic chats' started by Zane de Beer, 24 Jan 2012.

  1. Zane de Beer

    Zane de Beer

    9 Feb 2011
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    Pretoria East
    Hey everyone,

    I would like to enlarge two of our windows in our home. Would someone be able to give some advice on the matter.

    If the windows end up a little lower I would not mind (eg. if we insert lintels underneath the current window opening for support? Please see the attached pic for more detail... I would like to enlarge the red blocks.

    NB - The length of the wall is 4200mm and NOT 3500

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  3. leslie hempel

    leslie hempel Moderator MASA Contributor

    7 May 2007
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    Gonubie East London
    @seank may be able to assist, but i think you may have a problem if the lintel doesnt carry all the way through?

    but let the proper okes have a go....
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  4. seank


    24 May 2007
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    North of Durban and South of Mozambique
    Yes, you can do it, make sure you " cork enough underneith the lintols (wet to dry epoxy) to prevent any sagging.
    And support the roof trusses with props- it means you'll have to make holes in the ceiling to put the support props that'll hold the roof while you moer out the wall, or part of it
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