Building a tank from scratch

27 Oct 2015
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Hi all,

I'm new here and new to keeping Marine fish.

I would like to build a nano tank but would like to learn how to make a tank from scratch silicone drilling and the lot.

I've been told buy a tank but I want to learn how to do it from day one.

Can someone give me some advice or maybe someone can show me the ropes?
My honest opinion is buy a Nano tank, find your feet in this hobby, and then build your dream tank from scratch
Welcome !!
Do you know what kind of overflow you want, what thickness glass to use ?
How many liters you want your tank, do you want rimless or will you be bracing?
This is going to take you months if you are new to tank building.
By the time you glue the tank you wont be able to wait any longer.

Rather get a nice 2nd hand tank in the 'for sale' section.
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Im thinking of getting an aquaria magic wave 37.

Can you advise on exactly what I would need?
I would maybe look at the 102 its a lot more volume.

I barely have space for that one already.
Hey welcome. IMO water vol means stability, but if you keen we can make a plan and build your tank I should even have glass for you. I'm on the process of resembling a 4foot.
@Pendragon I agree about water volume just have very tight space.

It would be great if I can watch you work.
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I was thinking of these sizes:


I know it's tiny but I plan on running the sump below so it will add some volume.

Thank you

That's not a bad size, braced or rimless braced you can use 6mm but rimless 10mm. let me clean the glass this weekend and next Sunday we can start assembly.
120 litres is okay to start with, i did the same, also 120l DT volume, took me about 6 months to upgrade though. That is the problem. Many people have been able to stay with smaller tanks but more have had to upgrade soon after starting.
The dimensions are nice, and you can custom build a hood for yourself.
With those dimensions you will be quite limited to what you can put in there, maybe 4 fish max, and they must be small(Small as adult fish)
Also you will be limited on corals.
That said, the rest of your equipment(lighting, skimmer, flow pumps) are not too expensive.
Also monthly running costs will be lower.
Initially I had my eye on the Boyu TL550 and then the aquaria offering but quickly realized that water stability would be more of a problem as the volume of 120lt is it filter chambers and all.

With this idea and the help of Pendragon I can have the sump below adding some volume and buying me some stability.

As for fish what I would like to put in there is something like 2 clown fish a cleaner shrimp and a hermit. Maybe a nennie and some coral I dont want to overload it.

The skimmer I was looking at is the Red devil Nano 150lt.
@Pendragon whats yiur recommendation on overflow?
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6mm rimmed, is the tank in your room cause as for overflows we must try and get it as quiet as possible, but think a skinny or coast to coast will work well.
The tank will stand in a study once I've converted the room. So to habe it as silent as possible is the best.
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