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    LED light strips are starting to become the status quo for most aquarium lighting manufacturers and besides, they allow hobbyists to tap into LED lighting at an affordable price point. One of the more innovative ideas we’ve seen was just launched here at MACNA. Build My LED, allows*you to create your very own LED spectrum. The startup based in Austin, Texas, lets you drag-and-drop the exact LED color you want to truly customize your LED light plus delivering it at a great price.*Quite a simple process, all you do is just dial into the*website*and chose your length, spectrum and bean angle and BAM! — you have a custom LED light.*

    There are currently two lengths you can chose from (12 in. and 48 in.), with the plan to add more lengths in the near future. You can also chose between a pre-configured LED array or choose your own. The choose your own function allows you to select from 16 different colors of Philips LumiLED Rebel diodes (eight different whites, two blues, a green, an amber and four reds) and then your choice between three different beam angles (30, 60 or 90 degree).

    One of the strongest selling points is they are retailing for $119 for the 12 in. model and $269 for the 48 in. model. The lights come with everything you need, are dimmable via a simple dimmer you can buy on the site or tie into your existing aquarium computer like the Neptune APEX. On top of this all, they are all made to order in Austin so if you want a great light at a great price, make sure to check them out.





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