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    We appreciate a good head-to-head competition and you know that if an LED manufacturer is going to release a video against a bank of T5 lighting, you can expect the LEDs to win. In this case upstart Build My LED is pitting three of its 48 in. fixtures against 10 T5HO lights on a Red Sea 120 aquarium and the Build My LED doesn’t dissapoint hitting higher PAR readings on less than half the electricity while delivering great coloration.

    As we noted when we covered the startup at MACNA, Build My LED allows you to customize your LED fixture or go with a preset combination. In case you are wondering, in the video above they used a 75 degree fixture in the back of the tank, a 45 degree fixture in the middle of the tank and a 30 degree fixture in the front of the tank. We are looking forward to more from this company.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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