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    As coral nuts, we have an incredible appetite for blue and purple lighting. The short wavelengths help our*fluorescent*colors pop and flood our rooms with the calming glow.*To satiate our hunger for the purple lighting, Build My LED analyzed one of the most popular purple T5 lights and created this spectrum.

    By utilizing a blend of 450nm royal blue, 405n, ultra-violet, 6,500K white and 625nm red LEDs, Build My LED was able to mimic this purple color. If you look at the comparison above, you can see the color is very similar although this is just one 12 in. prototype strip vs. a pair of 24 in. T5 lights.


    Right now, the company has just made this spectrum available for you to plug into the custom drag-and-drop configurator but if interest is high enough, they would add this*spectrum*to its line of pre-configured lights.​

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