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    We covered the launch of Build My LED at MACNA, a DIY approach to designing and customizing an LED fixture but allowing the experts to put it together for you, and found out they have added two new lengths of LED lights available along with sharing an advanced tutorial on exactly how the process works. When Build My LED launched they had 12 and 48 in. lengths available and now have added 24 and 36 in. lengths to fit most applications. Click through for pricing and a tutorial video.

    The 24 in. version runs $179 and the 36 in. version runs $229 regardless of color combinations you might choose. If you recall, the Build My LED lamps come in some common combinations. but also allows you to create your own array with a choice of 16 different LED colors. When you build your own color combination, the website also gives you custom graphs from a CIE 1931 Color Graph, to radiometric, photometric and photon (PPF) spectrum graphs. Confused? Just check out the video below to walk you through the process. For those less techie or low on patience, Build My LED is also creating a basic tutorial that should be released soon.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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