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    A Reef Creation, a local fish store in Buffalo, NY, was robbed earlier this week with the thieves getting away with a reported $20,000 in cash, dry goods and live corals. The two burglars, described as white males in their 20s, struck early on January 2 breaking in through the glass door at the store’s front entrance grabbing products off the shelves near the front door.

    The pair then came back venturing*further into the store taking corals from the tanks and tossing them into empty salt buckets. To add to the insanity of it all, the robbers stole a “substantial” amount of cash from the cash register. The two were caught on infrared surveillance cameras but have yet to be identified. Anyone in the local community that may have any information, please contact or call the local police department at 716-686-6500.*Advanced Aquarist
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