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    It’s been a long while since we’ve covered an RO membrane, something which is likely because at this point RO membranes have basically reached their maximum capacity and efficiency. Buckeye Field Supply seems to think different however, and is chasing those last couple digits of performance with the new MAXR RO membranes.

    At the core of the MAXR RO filters are name brand Filmtec membranes which Buckeye Field Supply put through a “proprietary processes” to even further increase efficiency. What results is a RO membrane with over 98% rejection rates guaranteed by Buckeye Field Supply. For those not familiar with the term “rejection rates”, the higher the rejections rates the purer the water is, which in turn means increased longevity of the DI media, which of course means saving for you the consumer.

    The Buckeye Field Supply MAXR RO membranes are available for sale today on the Buckeye Field Supply website, and retail for $49.00 a pop.
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