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8 May 2007
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The Bubble Magus QQ2 is a new nano internal protein skimmer which has a lot going for it. The plastic-molded QQ2 is the technical sibling to the Bubble Magus QQ1 which is a small hang on protein skimmer with a power filter form factor in the same vein as the original Skilter of old.

The QQ2 from Bubble Magus uses the same basic internals of the QQ1 but concentrates the performance into a tiny little package which is exceptional at basic protein skimming in shallow water placements. As a skimmer, the QQ2 is not going to be breaking any performance or efficiency records but it looks to be a prime skimmer, especially for traveling coral fraggers.

Traveling coral frag farmers and vendors have all mostly gravitated towards using shallow frag tanks as jewelry cases for the frags they sell, and the QQ2 small footprint and specifications make it perfect for these applications. The case for the QQ2 as a frag-tank skimmer was first made at ReefStock this year when ZenReef displayed this new skimming gadget in their own frag tank.

Bubble Magus made the QQ2 to tiny dimensions of just under 4 x 3 inches at the base and barely a foot high. The small square footprint of the QQ2 fits near-perfectly into the rear sections of shallow frag tanks, where it stands up perfectly on its own and yet doesn’t project so far as to distract from the coral frag offerings.

The Bubble Magus QQ2 uses the same ‘Rock SP600’ needle wheel pump as the QQ1 and probably draws a similar air volume. The new nano internal protein skimmer is not going to power many permanent reef tanks, but for the traveling reefer crowd and for quarantine tanks, we expect the sub $100 Bubble Magus QQ2 will be quite an effective at keeping up to 25 gallons of reef water aerated and skimmed.

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