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    The Curve 9 cone skimmer from Bubble Magus takes a lot of*aesthetic*design cues directly from the Royal Exclusiv Kone Skimmer. With a tapering cone shape, the small hole diffuser, large holes for the baffle and the outflow set out from the body, the Bubble Magus definitely imprinted on the best. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig, or in this case you can give the Curve 9 skimmer the wine glass*shape of the Royal Exclusiv Kone skimmer but without its most critical component, the Red Dragon water pump, it will never perform like one. But hey, at least Bubble Magus did come up with something original with their quick-release feet clamping the*skimmer*body to the base.*

    Granted, Bubble Magus is proud of its SP4000 water pump which claims to draw 900 lph with only 20 watts of power. The internal placement of the SP4000 pump inside the Bubble Magus Curve 9*greatly cuts down on the footprint fo the skimmer, it also cuts into the reaction volume of the skimmer body and will likely result in a similarly reduced performance. Bubble Magus makes some decent skimmers hence their world wide popularity but like other knockoffs inspired designs be aware of what you are actually getting.
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