RSS Bubble King Supermarin 300 use a combination of constant and controllable pumps

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    The Supermarin 300 is Royal Exclusiv’s new beast of a protein skimmer with not one, but two of their world famous Red Dragon pumps. The 16 inch diameter body of the SuperMarin holds a cone within a cone, with the secondary cone after the diffuser plate being required to calm the froth producing machines that are powering Royal Exclusiv’s hybrid controllable skimmer.

    A Mini Red Dragon 1500 provides a baseline of water flow and air draw, between 1500 and 2000 lph of air to the SuperMarin 300 but the real guts of the high performance double cone skimmer is the controllable Red Dragon 3 (RD3) Speedy pump. The all-titanium body of the RD3 Speedy is completely made in Germany and it adds another 2000 lph of air.

    Together the Mini 1500 and RD3 Speedy combine to create a veritable cloud of micro fine bubbles in the body of the SuperMarin 300, for a maximum air draw of 4,000 liters of air per hour while using up to 88 watts of power. When you pack this much power into a protein skimmer, there’s only so much adjustment you can do on the water level adjustment of the body. That’s where the controllable RD3 Speedy comes in, allowing you to fine tune the foam production and really dial in the Supermarin 300′s skimming performance.

    All that power won’t come cheap, as you might expect, with the 230v version retailing in Europe for 1918€, about $2,660 in U.S. monies and fifteen euros more for the 110v version. It will be really interesting to see how pricing is structured for the SuperMarin 300 and other Red Dragon powered skimmers in North America once Royal Exclusiv USA launches later this year.*[Royal Exclusiv]

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