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    The Bubble King Ecomax 200 & 250 is a new line of high performance protein skimemrs designed by Royal Exclusiv, exclusively for Extra Bright Lighting. The two new Bubble King Ecomax skimmers are derived from the Bubble King 200 VS13 and the Bubble King Deluxe 200 with materials and quality that is equivalent to Royal Exclusiv nominal Bubble King lines.

    Both the BK Ecomax 200 and 250 are designed for use inside a sump and powered with a high performance controllable Red Dragon 3 Mini Speedy needle wheel pump. Despite using the same pump, these two skimmers are of similar dimensions but have been designed for two different kinds of skimming!

    The Bubble King Ecomax 200 is described as ‘the sledgehammer’ for fast effective wet skimming and is recommended for saltwater fish tanks. Meanwhile the Bubble King Ecomax 250 is designed for gentle dry skimming, and more suitable for reef aquariums. This is the first time we’ve seen a manufacturer design different protein skimmer bodies using the same pump, to explicitly different kinds of skimmate.

    We don’t know the pricing of the two new specially commissioned Bubble King Ecomax skimmers but judging by the name we hazard to guess that they are slightly more affordable than the skimmers on which they are based. At the moment these two models are only available from Extra Bright Lighting who will probably have no trouble selling out to their local aquarist market in Hong Kong. [AquariumSys]

    Bubble King Ecomax 250 on the left, Ecomax 200 on the right.

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