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    Royal Exclusiv has released their new Bubble King Double Cone protein skimmers out to the masses. Taking design cues from past Bubble King Models these new cone skimmers incorporate all the latest tech wizardry since 2006 when the first Bubble Kings were produced. You’ll notice design changes from earlier models with the biggest being a double “cone” that has been added on top of the bubble plate to maximize contact time with the air and water mixture. *The entire Double Cone skimmers can be taken apart or disassembled for cleaning. This is a huge improvement over other Bubble King designs. In fact, Royal Exclusiv has spared no expense by using titanium screws that are much stronger than traditional plastic screws. *It’s obvious that Royal exclusive has borrowed a few good ideas from ATB in Austria regarding dismantling and cleaning, something that has plagued Bubble King Owners for years and which the titanium screws will help.














    If you look at the outside of the cone though you’ll notice that the cone shape isn’t as profound as years past. *Just take a look at the Vertex Alpha Cone skimmers which was distributed in the United States. That cone utilized a very sharp or pointed design. We are told that with design testing aided with CAD computer programs the new design proved to be more efficient in developing a foam mixture. *Have you noticed the outlet of these skimmers is at the very base of the skimmer? This is great design and we wished we saw more of this hopefully eliminating all sources of micro bubbles that can be sucked back into your sump or display tank.


    There are three models (180, 200, and 250) in the Bubble King Double cone lineup with each of these skimmers being powered by a direct Mini Red Dragon pump (which is similar to the mini red dragon pump 1500) utilizing a 100mm solid 3D pump head.* The Double Cone Bubble King 180 is for aquariums up to 500 liters with adjustable 400-700 liters of air power and retails for 735€ ($990). Expect these new Bubble Kings to be offered in Europe within the next few weeks and shipments have already been planned for the US.

    Bubble King Double Cone Model 180 735€ ($990) for aquariums up to 500 liters** (adjustable 400-700 liters of air power)
    Bubble King Double Cone Model 200 815€ ($1098) for aquariums up to 1000 liters (adjustable 500-1200 liters of air power)
    Bubble King Double Cone Model 250 995€ ($1340) for aquariums up to 1500 liters (adjustable 800-1800 liters of air power)

    All screws made of pure titanium, grade 2 instead of plastic
    Release clamping wedge pipe
    Eindüsungspfanne dismantled and removed
    Pot with pivoting Absorbatablauf
    Foam tube removed due to silicone seal
    Bottom of the pot is not made of boards, but from a solid PVC ring, CNC turning
    Pot with CNC turned round thread, no dripping, no salt crusts, 100% tight!
    Massive and heavy construction of the entire skimmer reduces vibration
    Floor plate with 5 piece parabolic rubber buffer from 30 Shore soft natural rubber prevents hum
    Silicone decoupling pump skimmer
    Extremely quiet Mini Red Dragon Pump, 1000 units already in the mini-series BK
    pump head with sea water-resistant titanium screws
    Pump also parabolic with rubber feet, acoustically decoupled from the floor
    Pump shaft made of special material, like titanium, absolutely unbreakable and sea water resistant
    Air-and water-efficient, adjustable
    CNC machined wheels made of solid POM-needle sticks, turned and milled
    Including ozone connection at the nozzle
    Including ozone hose and nipple directly on the wedge tube.
    Ozone can be connected directly, without additional air pump
    Original quality of Röhm Plexiglas tubes, plastic plates of German premium supplier
    Air intake hose …. with 3 mm wall thickness not bent and is sea water resistant
    High-precision fabrication, made by Royal-Exclusiv.
    Three models available now: 180 – 200 – 250 mm
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