BTA and Powerhead

6 Sep 2007
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I always heard that one should never have a powerhead in a tank with an Anemone...and I know this topic has been discussed in depth quite a bit already !! Yes I know I am dumb, but I have this BTA in the tank now for over 2 years and never had an issue with it before

Anyway Yesterday I came home and seen that my tank was white, I first thought it was a snow storm, but then I seen that one of the crappy powerheads (the ones that stick to the glass) as fallen off and somehow sucked in part of my green BTA. The BTA was hanging onto a rock for dear life. I turned off the powerhead and pulled out some of the tentacles.

How do I know if my BTA will survive? He is still holding on with his foot. I tried to smell it (as they say at the way you know an anemone is dead cause it smells) but it still smells fine.

I skimmed heavy last night, and will be doing a water change today, is there anything else that I should be doing and checking? Also has anyone else anemone that had an ordeal like this ever survived?
Apparently you should also run a lot of carbon.
Yip, run plenty carbon and they do often survive, good luck and keep us posted.
sorry to hear man!been down that road before.and yes run carbon
The anemone still sounds pretty healthy so it should make it. If there is a next time rather don't "pull" the anemone out of the pump, just leave it off and let the anemone sort itself out.
Quick Update.

Thanks Rory, I should have thought of not pulling it out myself, as now it makes sense.

Anyway I had a look at my water yesterday, and well it looks much better, water looks clear, but still need to perform a parameter test, as I am sure that there must be some pieces of the BTA that broke off and will turn into ammonia. Performed a 20% water change last night and will do another today just to be safe.

The BTA is still alive, he is hiding now under one of my LR. I see my nemo seems to be more happy now, as the day this happened he was very stressed (cause I guess he had no place to sleep). So from my perspective I am quite happy, as it seems as if the BTA will make it.

Once he is healthy again, I will post a picture, as he used to be massive (+25 cm)
Update of nenny.

Well I think that she is doing fine now. There is a section that I noticed where a few of her tentacles are off, but new ones seems to be growing.. She has been hiding until a few days ago, so my clowns has been quite depressed I think, but it seems fine now,

I am shocked that my tank recovered quick after the incident, and all corals and livestock seems to be fine now.

This is the picture I took of her this morning, its with my phone cause I can't afford quality cameras like a few of you. Picture is a bit dark

Hey My Key, glad to see that nem bouncing back.

Do yourself a favour and secure your powerhead onto a piece of plastic. PVC strips work well, I've even used rulers before. Hold the piece of plastic over a hot plate on the stove for a few minutes until it's pliable and bend the top to fit over the glass of teh tank. Then cable tie the powerheads onto that. It will never come off again ;)
look a bit better?

Glad to hear it's doing fine.

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