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    Chaetodontoplus vanderloosi is one of the newest and least known species of velvet angelfishes. Known only from Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea, Chaetodontoplus vanderloosi ranks right up there with Chaetodontoplus niger in terms of elusiveness, and its nearly all black body hints that the two species could be related.

    Vanderloo’s angelfish is distinguished not only by a nearly all black body, but a head and face that are a bright whitish grey and a hint of yellow on the face, much like the velvet angelfish, C. melanosoma. While not as attention grabbing as some of the other more illustrious angelfish species, the*Pomacanthidae*nuts in the house will appreciate this rare footage of*Chaetodontoplus vanderloosi and big thanks to Bruce Carlson for sharing it.

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