Brown jelly unconventional treatment

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    Hi guys just goes to show we learn something new all the time in this hobby. Usually forums advise a iodine dip , but most times i have found this to not be very helpful as a total cure came across this
    and although i havent tried it yet it looks to me very logical and appropriate treatment for brown jelly disease on corals!n however there are questions whether a coral will tolerate it but if anyone has brown jelly , it might be worth trying it! Pretty sure other antibiotics will help as well but because metro is good for ciliates it maybe weapon of choice especially in a prolonged dip/bath

    Further Information - Aquarium Coral Diseases
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    Good catch!

    I think anything is worth a try, I have never had success treating brown jelly and always end up removing the head that has it on my coral or if the whole coral has it just remove the entire coral.

    Would love to know what the cause of it is though as we still don't have a clue how it appears or what triggers it.

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