Brown hair algae

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    Im struggling with algae. info on my tank. Ive got a 128 litre fish only tank for now. Gonna going into corals and stuff later. Its about a year old. Im using a sponge filter in first section,t(compartment,whatever you call it)then the water runs through phosguard purigen and activated carbon which i change every month or so,3rd section ive got a skimmer which is working fine.Ive also got 10 bio balls and 3 bags of ceramic rings. Ive got about a 1700 litre ph flow rate in my tank(a pump and a mp250 flow pump aligned on the live rock. I changed the positioning often). ive got 15kg of live kenyan rock and 3 kg of base rock which is starting to show signs of coraline growth. I am really struggling with brown and green hair algae and i have been trying everything for 2 months to get rid of it. if anyone can help ill be gratefull coz im on the verge of giving up. the itch is another nail in the coffin for me. my water parametres are all fine. here they are : (no3 - 10mg/l) , (no2 - omg/l) , (ca - 440mg/l) , (kh - 7d) , ( ph - 7.7) . Im dosing with magnesium,strontium and calcium weekly except for the calcium which i do every second week. its from advanced ultra formula series. I use natural sea water which show no signs of no3 and the rest of the parametres seem fine with that water.I mix it with ro/di water to get the right salinity. I also do a 10% water change weekly. ive just done 2 20% the last week. Ive got 5 baby clowns(largest one 3 cm, 1 tomato clown, a dottyback, a keyhole angel. 2 turbo snails,had 2, 2 died(dont know why) and 4 starfish. please please help. Ive tried everything on the internet and from all the lfs i could see and email but im still battling with that disgusting stuff....sorry about the long post.
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    Oh ok here is another post:p

    see the other post and feed your fish once a day and leave the lights off, there is no coral in so no worries then.
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    Hi Charl you need to first of all check you ro water and where are you getting it from you should be aiming for a tds of not more than 5, 0 is better ,i would do a 30% water change every 2nd week on your tank,but pls first thing first you need to get your mag up to 1400,then after you have a stable mag,buff the next day kh to 10,then after that,the next day buff your ph up to 8,2-8,4 ,then the next day buff your your cal to 400, and you need to remove all bio balls and ceramic rings remove,sifon your compartments clean, and your sand bed as well, switch lights off for a total of 2-3 weeks and if you do wanna use lights, only for 1 hour a day and no longer,skimm wet for 1 week ,add stabality 2 caps every day for 5 days and prime, then every 2 weeks at water changes add 2 caps of stabality and prime ,i will rather opt for ro water and mix your salt to 1024-1026 and before i forget you can use the sponge but you need to rinse every 2nd day with ro water,as you said you using phos,carbon,puri,all good,i promise you if you use 100% ro water with salt mix and stick to what i say you tank will thrive and all hair algae will die off .GOOD LUCK
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