Bringing balance to the force....

15 May 2007
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I sensed a shift in the force, and before I could intervene...or discern the exact nature of the movement...

It settled down..QUICKLY!!!

Sheesh, I thought I had a few friends, but NONE of them told me where to find them...WHEN I came looking for'em!!!!

It seems sparsely populated, but I KNOW it'll blossom into a burgeoning "Online Reef Metropolis"

Heck, watsit, less than 2weeks?!
... and already there's a clamour .

I dunno as yet, will I journey as OB1, Aqua1, or ........ ???

I support Alan/Dean/Anthony in their intent and actions, and extend my support to their efforts as MASA.


Liaquat Sain
Welcome OB1, nice to have you here.

What can I say, the story starts like this. In a galaxy far far away... Meanwhile.. OB1 retreated to keep an eye over young Luke Skywalker.. lol

BTW OB1 former Mayor of Bloemfontein's registration number - pre FS.
Jedi Knight extrodanaire and protector of the Galaxy - OBIWAN :)
1 eh? Maybe go with Aqua1...
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Welcome Liaquat. Nice to have you here. I am sure you advice WILL be needed often O' master of all things marine.
...For the sake of brevity.....

Thanks guys....

I just schemed OB1 would be read ALOUD as Obi-Wan SHOULD sound...

u never know how IT types construe "WAN""

...maybe I'll change the spelling, or name if it suits the VIBE here.

AAAAH,but the Padewans are impish...thought they were obedient to the LIGHT side!

hey, Rory leave the tampons alone, unless you need'em for a bloody nose ?! :razz:

I do not know which of my many identities to assume....

Long let peace reign.... and justice be meted out when necessary.


I was waiting for the retort.. and it was good.
Greetings oh great one, my friend, my mentor, my hmmmmm GURU??
We have had a special "badge" made up for Mr OB1 but I'm not sure if we should use it...
Hey Liaquat, about time you joined us, gr8 to have you aboard.
Time and Tide ...About time...yeah

Yeah, Alan...
Still dunno why NOBODY even mentioned this board's existence to me !!??

Time and Tide .....Those 2, wait for NO MAN!!

But..... NO MAN is an island!!!

If that's the case...time and tide MUST be a WAVEMAKER of sorts...LOL!!!!

Anthony.... dontcha think it's about time to get some more SPS, LPS, Ricordea,Zoas etc into RSA .... even if JUST for MASA photo opportunities ?????

Talk to me...

RorFish, you can pin ANY badge on me, unlike your fantasies.... I don't have silicone implants.

Ivan...kind words.....but true..:lol:

Thanx Viper, Smithers,

.... and Tom, I'll be in PE next week, gimme a shout

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