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    Flowerpot corals of the Goniopora genus is not usually a coral to get really excited about, but a new type/strain just landed at Unique Corals which is making us want to set up a field of them. The new corals are a branching species of Goniopora that has the most exquisite, toxic yellow-green tissue that we’ve ever seen in a branching flowerpot coral.

    Branching flowerpot corals are much more frequently encountered in the genus Alveopora, we’ve shared about some neat red branching flowerpot before, but these new toxic green branchy Goni are really something to behold. The colonies of branching flowerpot corals are a little on the small side, but you can clearly see from their bases that they were partially buried in some form of sediment leading us to believe that these new branching gonies will certainly appreciate higher nutrient conditions and some specific feeding regime.

    The corals were collected by Cairns Marine in Australia and we sure do hope they have access to more because they are sure to become a sensation in the aquarium hobby, especially if they are amenable to captive propagation. The corals just arrived yesterday so we’ll have to see how they settle in over the next week or two but do be on the lookout for them, because they will knock your socks off when you see them.

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