RSS Brightwell NeoNitro gives your ULNS a dose of nitrogen

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8 May 2007
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Brightwell NeoNitro is a balanced nitrogen source for those of yo running an ultra low nutrient system (ULNS). Although we often fight like mad to keep nitrogen and phosphates out of the aquarium, but with the ULNS you may actually need to add a nitrogen source to help with the natural uptake of phosphates.

Like the Brightwell NeoPhos we covered yesterday, this additive is not for the average reefer and for the mad scientist ULNSers out there that are striving to achieve a controlled balance. By adding NeoNitro, you are able to get the system to provide natural phosphorus uptake without the use of chemical filtration media and without adding organic material to raise the nitrogen content.

If you are looking to try it out, a 250ml bottle should run you around $7.
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