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    Brightwell Aquatics has a few new products here at Reef Stock we were excited to see with two new resins and some granular ferric*oxide (GFO). Brightwell has two absorbing resins with the Nitrate-R nitrate absorbing resin for both fresh and saltwater aquariums along with Organit-R for absorbing dissolved organics in the tank. Rounding out the new stuff is FerroxiPhos-G Brightwell’s own GFO. Beyond just being excited to see a nitrate*absorbing*resin for saltwater aquariums, both the Brightwell Aquatics*Nitrate-R and Organit-R resins can be recharged up to 250 times using plain old table salt and water. Simply mix four cups of table salt with one gallon of water, stir and soak overnight. Just rinse the resin, rebag and its ready to go for another go. All three of these are available for purchase via Brightwell distributors. We aren’t sure what the exact pricing is but will pass that along as soon as we find out.
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