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    The Bridgelux Vero multichip LED array is a new platform of solid state lighting which may help boost the amount of power we can pack into our solid state lights. Like every press release about LEDs these days, the Bridgelux Vero promises increased performance at a lower cost, and the multichip form factor means you’ll get more light from fewer components.

    Bridgelux claims that the new Vero LED array produces 20% more light than their previous multichips and the form factor allows for smaller and sleeker LED luminaires to be built. This last points leads us to believe that the rounded Vero LED array (as*opposed*to square) is particularly suited for spotlighting applications than previous versions, perhaps leading to higher performing LED spotlights.

    Aside from a few companies the majority of reef aquarium LED lighting has focused on using clusters of individual LEDs to*incorporate*a diversity of beneficial LED colors. We have no doubt that in the future these differently colored LEDs will be packaged together as in Kessil’s Dense Matrix LED array, but perhaps it will take more advancements in multichip LED technology to get manufacturers dabbling in products such as Bridgelux’s Vero LED array before that can happen. [Bridgelux]

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