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    The Bay Area Reefers are hosting a workshop on fish breeding and coral propagation this weekend putting together a nice one-two punch for sustainability for the hobby and have brought in two great speakers to lead each side of the day. The Breeding and Propagation Workshop (BAP) has Tal Sweet talking about breeding marine fish and Rich Ross handling the coral propagation side.

    BAP-POSTER-WEB-194x300.jpg Hosted by BAR in Northern California, the BAP Workshop will be held at Chabot College in Hayward and is free to the public. Unlike typical meeting that have one speaker, schmoozing and a raffle, the BAP will be a four-hour event kicking off with Tal’s hour-long discussion on breeding marine fish and after a lunch break, Rich will be doing a live demonstration of coral fragging techniques and answering questions.

    If you’re not familiar with Tal, he’s one of the forces behind putting together the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI), a tool to encourage hobbyists to get involved in the captive breeding of marine organisms. This should be a great conversation especially since there has been so many incredible results in the captive bred side of the hobby the last few years.

    Rich brings his extensive experience as a hobbyist and marine biologist at the California Academy of Sciences to not only discuss, but also slice and dice up some corals to give you the ins-and-outs of coral fragging and propagation.

    Additionally, captive bred and propagated livestock will be on sale at the event and there looks to be a pretty sweet raffle with prizes such as an EcoTech Radion XR30w, MP40w ES, MP10w ES, propagation supplies, a frag tank, corals and other goodies.
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