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    Branching*Leptoseris gardineri is a very unusual species of this now-popular genus which we have drooled over in books and photographs for over a decade. In pictures it seems so delicate and brittle that we long relegated this species to being impossible to ship in a single piece, giving up on it as a “book coral” that we’ll only ever see from afar.

    leptoseris-gardineri-3.jpg This photo of Leptoseris gardineri from CoralHub shows the unifacial branches of this unique coral

    So imagine our delight when we spotted some really distinctive branching*Leptoseris at Sea Dwelling Creatures this week and the build was not at all like we expected. Instead of being a delicate little leafy*Leptoseris, branching*L. gardineri is actually much larger in structure than we ever imagined, and it’s sturdy too!

    branching-gardinoseris-2.jpg One of the branching Leptoseris brought in by Sea Dwelling Creatures

    A handful of branching*Leptoseris gardineri*made its way from Australia to SDC’s Furnace of hot corals, with a few specimens arriving in a light brown and a muted green color. At first glance the branching*Leptoseris*looks kind of like a wavy form of branching*Pavona cactus, a species similar to ORA’s mint chip Pavona, but the surface detail reveals very few, much larger corallites that are well pronounced.

    branching-gardinoseris.jpg Another of the branching Leptoseris brought in by Sea Dwelling Creatures showing a lot more potential for green color

    The newly imported colonies of the branching*Leptoseris*look like, newly imported stony coral colonies, that is a little pale and a little thin of tissue. In their current condition Leptoseris*gerdineri doesn’t look like a potential showstopper, but once it’s settled in, lookout! With a few colonies to go around we very much look forward to seeing what this highly unusual coral can do in a captive aquarium ecosystem, we’ll be sure to follow up with this species. (And for those of you who like to shop SDC’s Furnace, check out T48 and S46)

    leptoseris-gardineri.jpg A beautiful Leptoseris gardineri colony with a delicate branching structure and gorgeous growth margins. Photo

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