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4 Jul 2011
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east london
hi members

i live in east london

i have been interested in marines from an early age as my dad introduced the hobby.

i have recently started up again as i had to sell up due to the job i had for 2 years..

this job was working in Tanzania,Mozambique and Sodwana Bay as a PADI scuba Instructor.

i am back in East london now and do offer courses from DSD (discover scuba diving) right thru to DM (divemaster),,, ps special price to *** members.

i currently have a !800x600x600 tank which will become fish only once i have built my 1000x600x500 tank.

i am really passionate about the sea and do my best to educate about concervation.

my dream is to work for SEA SHEPARD so that i can give back my part to the sea
Welcome and keep up that train of thought about giving back to the ocean
Welcome Brad, I'm a local teacher. I've got a Naui Open Water One but haven't dived for a while - need a refresher course. I have a son who has just qualified with a Padi Open Water One. I've been tempted to organise a trip up to Sodwana for school children. Give me a shout if you're interested in helping organise something like that.
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