Boyu TL450 algae turf scrubber ??? Ideas ???

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    Hi guys so I'm thinking of adding an Algae turf scrubber to my boyu TL450 and would like some ideas

    My stand has a small cabinet below that may work to house the ATS should I build a small tank to fit in it.

    My question is will running 2 power heads work? One to siphon water from the compartments at the back and push the water up to the scrubber and another to push water back from the tank at the bottom back up to the tank?

    I will add pc fans in the cabinet to pull air in at the bottom and another two to pull air out of the cabinet, the bulb will be a normal energy saver but only on the one side as space is quite limited.

    Any and all suggestions welcome
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    No, trying to match 2 powerheads to push and pull the exact same amount of water is near impossible and you run the risk of your tank being emptied. The only efficient way is to use one pump to push up and then gravity feed back down.

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