Boyu TL-450 : Adding Livestock?

Discussion in 'Boyu TL450 and TL550 advice' started by BoyuNano, 15 Aug 2011.

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    So I've got the TL-450 up and running.

    Water Parameters:
    Specific Gravity (Hydrometer Reading): 1.022
    PH: 8.4
    KH: 10

    I've been noticing plenty of interesting critters on my live rock that come out at night. Stomatella Varia snails, brittle stars (tiny), worms. If my eyes haven't fooled me I spotted what could have been a crab and also some tiny fast moving shrimp like creatures.

    The question every beginner wants to know:
    What sort of limitations does the TL-450 have in terms of livestock? and what should come first - some coral? or an anemone and a clown? can I add both at the same time?

    Are there any other water params I should be checking before introducing the livestock?

    *promise to post pics as soon as it looks a little more appealing than my 3 pieces of live rock.*
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    Hi there

    How long has your tank been cycling? At least 4 weeks... nothing less :)

    Ideal salinity is 1.024 (refractometer is best). An anemone is a no-no (too small, insufficient lighting, and danger to the anemone when it comes to powerheads and the like) and one could add at most 3 fish. There is a sticky as to what you can add in the nano tanks discussion section. One can add in any order (coral then fish or vice versa). Do keep in mind that the standard lighting isn't the best around so low light coral is advised.

    You should check Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, etc.

    I would also say frequent water changes as well. The TL450 is limited and you can make many modifications :)

    See my thread... ;)

    Hope this helps - sorry for any mistakes, half asleep!

    EB! :)
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    Welcome to the BOYU TL-450's Club..;)...Limited me they need a lot of tweaking...:p

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