Boyd's Chemi Clean

6 Dec 2007
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Cape Town
Do you guys stock Boyd's Chemi Clean. If you do will you please PM me prices and availibility.
7 May 2007
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Just south of Durban
Hi, I do the following, (info copy and pasted from the catalogue)

Vita Chem
Supplies the vitamins your fish needs for optimum health.
Brings out intense natural colors of fish, increases growth,
restores natural vitality of fish, helps increase resistance to
disease, and more. Vita-Chem is also great for fin
regeneration and preventing lateral line disease. It's the most
effective concentrated environmental vitamin offered to the aquarium trade.

Chemi Pure
Chemi-Pure is a multi-purpose chemical filter media (a blend
of the highest-grade carbon with ion exchange resins) helping
to remove dissolved organics, ammonia and nitrogenous
waste products. It keeps you water crystal clear, aids in
keeping pH levels stable and sustains high water quality
levels for longer periods. Also removes toxic elements like copper and phenol. Long-lasting (only needs replacing every 3-6 months).

Chemi-Pure Elite
Chemi-Pure Elite has all the benefits of Chemi-Pure and has
been blended with ferric iron oxide to remove phosphates
and silicates (helping to control nuisance algae), making it the only complete choice for filtering any kind of aquarium.

Sorry am about to leave for the Drakensberg. Can answer queries when I get back. Thanks.
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