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    This large reef aquarium belonging to Borut Asjan is located in a bar in Slovania and it has some serious aquascaping apeal. Overbearing, massive, and with sharp lines *the aquascape of this ambitious reef display has a very dramatic feel to it; the dark shadows and tight angles result in a certain vibe that just pulls you in. At 895 gallons this sprawling reef system is massive, and although the corals have yet to grow in, this slovanian aquarium warrants attention*for its potential to become quite impressive .

    The Slovanian reef display is a beast at 110 inches by 42 inches by 42 inches (280cm x 100cm x 100cm), and holds approximately 895 gallons (~ 3400 liters). Lighting is provided by an army of 32 54watt T5′s, yes thirty two, that is 1728 watts of T5 over a single system. The T5 bulbs consits of four ATI Blue T5 bulbs, 12 ATI Aquablue plus T5 bulbs, four 54W ATI Actinic Blue T5 bulbs, four Korallen Zucht Fiji Purple T5 bulbs, four Korallen Zucht Daylight T5 bulbs, and four Korallen Zucht Coral Super Light Blue T5 bulbs.*Filtration is met by a large skimmer along with Ozone, UV, and GFO. Flow within the system is achieved with three 6305 Tunze pumps and two Tunze Wavemakers.


    The amount of additives used in the jumbo reef tank is as impressive as the amount of T5 lamps used. Asjan doses 25 (read twenty five)*different additives to the system, which is even more than*Lionel Mahler’s zeovit system. A GHL Profilux 4 channel dosing pump doses*potassium, strontium, ZEOstart and NaHCO3 while*ZEOstart 3,*ZEObak,*ZEOfood7,*Sponge Power Concentrate,*ZEOzym,*Pohl’s Xtra special,*Coral Snow,*Calcium-fluoride concentrate,*Strontium complex,*Amino Acid High Concentrate,*Amino Acid LPS,*Pohl’s B-Balance,*Pohl’s K-Balance,*Iron,*Iodine,*Bio-Mate, ZEOlife,*ZEOspur Macro elements, ZEOspur 2 Concentrate, Spurenelemente Komplex,*and Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer are all dosed manually. In addition to all the additives a 6L Korallen Zucht Zeovit reactor, calcium reactor and kalkwasser reactor are also used.

    The build thread of the system can be found on*SLOreef, although be warned, it is in Slovanian.

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