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    There are azoox aquariums and then there are massive azoox aquariums. At a little over 13 feet long by 39 inches by 26 inches, Bories Bielan’s azoox system falls into the latter category. Based on scale alone this is perhaps one of the most impressive azoox systems we’ve seen, especially since the 800 gallons of volume is starting to become nicely stocked.

    Since it is an azoox system lights are more for personal viewing pleasure than anything else. As such only three Pacifc Sun Black Phyton LED modules, running at 160 watts each are used. The majority of waterflow within the system is provided by a Tunze Masterstream *6508, which is mounted under the rock work to provide stealth flow. In addition to the Tunze Masterstream three Tunze Waveboxes are also used. A mini Red Dragon, pumping around 5000 L/H servers as the return pump. Filtration is provided by a sump with a DSB and macro algae, along with a Tunze skimmer and carbon. The system is additionally dosed 30ml of vodka daily. 400 liters (~105 gallons) water changes are done every two weeks.

    Feeding of the system is done automatically every hour by an Aquamedic Reef Doser, which pumps food from a container inside a mini fridge into the display. The system is fed a mix of Fauna Marine and Tropic Marin products along with frozen foods like Calanus (a zoo plankton species), Plankton, Brine Shrimp, Oyster Eggs and Cyclops. Additionally the system is fed a constant supply of live phytoplankton.






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