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14 Jul 2015
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Ok why do I have to add more and more MG?
In the beginning I added 20 spoons of MG and it wacked the MG up 150ppm. Now adding 60 spoons only boosts it by 30ppm.
Below you can see how I have tried adding the supplements to get my mg up

Date Salinity KH CA MG Additions
22-08-2015 1.026 11 390 1290 Start of MG spike treatment
26-08-2015 1.026 8 380 1260 10xkh, 20xCa, 20xMG
27-08-2015 1.0255 9.5 390 1410 0xkh, 40xCA,20xMG
28-08-2015 1.0255 8.5 440 1500 10xkh, 20xCa, 20xMG
29-08-2015 1.026 9 455 1500 40xMG
30-08-2015 1.026 8 450 1530 10xkh, 60xMG
31-08-2015 1.026 9.5 445 1560
Q. Why do you try to increase Mg to unnatural high levels?

If you have a container, and in this container you can only fit 50 balls. Let say you have 60 red balls and 70 blue balls, at the end of the day you will only be able to place a combination in the container with a grand total of 50 balls.

Same with dKh, Mg, and Calcium you can only fit a certain amount in the water... hope this make sense... tried to explain it in the most basic way possible.

See attached:

red field ratio.jpg
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