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8 May 2007
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As reef aquarists are becoming more experimental with our aquascapes and the layout of our corals, we’re increasingly on the lookout for unique ways and unique rock structures to make our tanks stand out. The Bonsai Reef Structures from West Mariculture are a really neat solution for introducing a fun flair to the reef aquarium environment.

No matter what kind of rock you get, it’s going to fall into a boulder, shelf/slab or branching shape category and we’ve (almost) all been there and done that. Bonsai Reef Structures add a special amount of dimension which leaves the floor of the aquarium mostly open, and it displays corals without costing the aquarium nearly as much volume in open space.

Those of us who are increasingly trying to introduce negative space into our aquariums in order to bring focus to corals, which are the main event, will really appreciate what West Mariculture is offering with these Bonsai reef rocks. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about not having enough surface area, don’t worry because bacteria will always find a way.

Bonsai reef aquascaping is not for everyone, and they are not necessarily small, or that cheap. You probably wouldn’t want to do a whole six foot reef tank with the funky, multistoried pedestals of the West Bonsai rocks. But for smaller tanks which can quickly run out of space due to to too many rocks and or a good case of frag collectoritis, a Bonsai Reef Structure or two might be just what Dr. Reef ordered. [West Mariculture]

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