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    Bondic is a new liquid plastic welder which is the type of space age technology the future promised us. Unlike super glue which has a set curing time the moment it comes out of the tube, Bondic only solidifies when it is exposed to a narrow band of ultraviolet light.

    We use gobs of super glue in the aquarium hobby, mostly for mounting corals but also for repairing things around the aquarium that need a quick fix. But for nearly every type of repair the solid plastic welds of the Bondic seem like they would be more suitable, and easier to use.

    With roots in the nail polish industry, the liquid plastic fluid of the Bondic is non-toxic and solvent free. Since the plastic only cures or hardens once you shine on it with light from the included UV LED light, you have time to work and make sure your seal is good before you set it to cure. And if you need a little bit more material for a fix or a joint, you can simply add another layer of the liquid plastic and build it up like 3D printing.

    Step 1: apply some of the Bondic liquid plastic

    The aquarium uses for a small portable liquid welder like the Bondic are virtually limitless. If Bondic had been available before now we could have fixed so many pumps, impellers, fittings, and even damage to small aquariums. We’re not sure how suitable the Bondic liquid plastic welds are with live corals, but we might even try to mount larger coral frags to their bases using this product.

    Even according to the official website, you can use Bondic on damp and wet surfaces as long as they are not greasy: “E.g. you can attach objects on the inner side of a water filled jar or even an aquarium.” Whether it’s a quick fix, an emergency, or a creative aquarium DIY project, the Bondic seems too good to be true, and even the price is quite affordable.

    Step 2: cure the liquid plastic into a solid by exposing it to UV light using the included UV LED light.

    A full Bondic kit will set you back a measly $35 which includes the application pen, a cartridge of liquid plastic and the UV LED to make it cure. Even the replacement cartridges are also pretty cheap at $10 each. We’re incredibly curious about the aquarium uses of the Bondic liquid plastic welder system and surely some of you have thought the same thing. Let us know in the comments what you have fixed or would fix with the Bondic, and be sure to check the official website for a full rundown of this exciting new product. [Bondic]
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    Would love one of these, can really come in handy with a couple of things.
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    That would come in very handy

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