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    This video of the blueline Honshu Pipefish shows male and female*Dorhyrhamphus japonicus dancing around each other as well as a pregant male*carrying*a full*clutch*of eggs on his vent.*Pipefish are such cool animals, yet they hardly get the attention they deserve. Unlike the much more popular seahorses, many pipefish are small and small-mouthed and readily do well in smallish aquaria, especially in well established reef aquariums with plenty of pods. We are particularly fond of the blue line / blue stripe pipefish of the genus Dorhyrhamphus.

    Not only are bluestripe pipefish small and colorful, but the other thing that is small about the blue stripes is their price – you can usually pick them up for $30-40 a piece making it easy to pick up a pair. You’ll want a pair of blue stripe pipefish too because they are very easy to spawn, even if their fully-formed young need a special environment to grow up properly. The next time you see the small and cute blue stripe pipefish of several species, consider whether they’d make a good addition to your small or medium sized aquarium.
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    Actually all Flag Tail type of pipe fish are strong enough swimmers to live in a reef tank.
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