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    A tank full of colorful Anthias is always an attractive sight for onlookers. Mixing of the bright orange, yellow, pink, and assorted colors of Anthias and Pseudanthias reef fish species makes for good eye candy anytime you look at them. As you can see in the pictures of the main display tank from Bluespace Aquarium in Bangkok Thailand, this aquarium turns that idea into a reality.


    As the shop itself is a dealer of equipments and additives, that doesn’t mean that they are not focusing on fishes. Mr. Torboon, one of the partners in Bluespace Aquarium is a rare fish fan. This is the reason why this tank is filled with many impressive species such as Cirrhilabrus lunatus, Pseudanthias luzonensis, Pseudanthias smithvanizi, Pseudanthias flavoguttatus, Pseudanthias charlenae, Pseudanthias kashiwae, Yellow Scopas tang, Albino, Platinum, and Picasso Clownfish mixing in a huge school of Pseudanthias dispar and Pseudanthias ignitus. yellow-scopas-tang-1.jpg

    This spectacular showcase made of Crystal Clear glass measure 72 x 36 x 24 inches. The system hold around 300 gallons of water. ATB Elegant 200, Bubble-Magus Curve7, and Aqua Excel CLIO are the three protein skimmers used to remove the huge amount of waste creates daily by large number of fishes.

    As the tank doesn’t contain much coral, most of the invertebrates here are corallimorphs and Xenia spp. So the light system with ATI Sunpower 8 x 80w T5 lamps is more than enough. Temperature is set steady 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degree Celcius) all day long. Fishes are fed twice a day and 20% of water change is done weekly to keep the nutrient level low.

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