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    The Resinator is a new chemical media filtration system from BlueLife USA which takes a fairly different approach to managing chemistry of aquarium water. When most of us think of a media reactor we envision a large contraption which aggressively flows water through our desired blend of carbon, GFO and other medias, but BlueLife USA is going more reverse-osmosis with it.

    The Resinator media reactors use accessory canisters for tap water purification and fills them with any number of medias including activated carbon, phosphate removing resin, organic scavenging resin, or a combination of the three medias. Additionally, the BlueLife USA Resinator are designed with slower flow-through for longer contact time with the medias.

    [​IMG]The other big difference between the Resinator and other media reactors is the use of 1/4″ quick disconnect fittings on the inlet and outlets which means that they can easily be used outside of the aquarium or sump and can be fed with smaller pumps, or a tee off of existing water returns and manifolds. Tanks over a hundred gallons or with higher nutrient inputs will probably want to stick with conventional reactors for chemical filtration but the moderate flow-through approach of the Resinator should be great for all other aquariums.

    BlueLife USA will be offering the Resinator media filter/reactor preloaded with Carb Fx, Phos Fx, Pure Fx for between $69 and $99 with refills of each media going for around $20 to $60.

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