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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The Masudai hogfish is a super rare species that rarely ever makes it into the trade, and even if it does, it’s almost always within the local Japanese market. BlueHarbor once again, in living up to its reputation, scores with a juvenile specimen of the said hogfish.

    Juveniles are much rarer and harder to find than the adults, and as seen from the video, they’re typically found in a darker maroon coloration. As they mature and grow larger, they shed the maroon color and take on a startling red and yellow MacDonald’s-ish billboard sign appearance.

    Not long ago Digiman from Singapore acquired a large and spectacular adult. The video below shows clearly the amazing coloration of the Masudai hogfish. The juvenile Masudai hogfish featured in the above video is sharing its tank with a few other amazing and rare fishes. The two guyanensis butterflyfishes and the juvenile Tosanoides anthias are spectacular in their own right!

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Incase anyone’s wondering, this isn’t the first time BlueHarbor scored with a Masudai hogfish. Here’s another sub adult specimen they brought in in the past.


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