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    bodianus-sp.jpg Gorgeous and unfamiliar. Is this just a variation of B. sanguineus? Or a new species we've not seen before.

    BlueHarbor really knows how to work their rare fish magic and their latest acquisition along with that stunning first ever pair of Cirrhilabrus claire is this unusual and unfamiliar, yet gorgeous hogfish. Decked out in neon highlighter red and yellow, this spectacular hogfish draws some similarities to Bodianus sanguineus, but yet different enough to raise some eyebrows.*

    bodianus-sanguineus1.jpg Bodianus sanguineus at House of Fins.

    The color differences between the two hogfishes are noticeable and it could very well be a new undescribed species but yet, there’s so much resemblance that it could just as well be a variant of B. sanguineus. The new hogfish from BlueHarbor was made known at the same time as the pair of C. claire. It is likely that both species came from the same source and if that’s true, then it’s unlikely to be B. sanguineus because the latter is endemic to the Hawaiian islands as far as we know. If it is indeed a*B. sanguineus that was caught along with the Clair’s fairy wrasse, and it’s just displaying a funky cool color morph or variantion, then this could be the first specimen to be collected outside of Hawaii.

    There’s one other species of deepwater hogfish with the distinctive black ear spot and the general yellow-red color scheme, and that is Bodianus tanyokidus. That is found in the Indian Ocean and no live pictures of it exists so we cannot be sure as well. Whatever the identity of the new hogfish BlueHarbor has, it’s gorgeous and it will fetch a high price. Till then, the real status of this hogfish remains a mystery. But we have a feeling we’ll find out sooner or later.

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