RSS BlueHarbor releases exciting footage of Centropyge narcosis feeding in captivity

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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    One of the flawless*Centropyge narcosis*that was collected by Rufus Kimura and his team in Tahiti has gone to BlueHarbor, and the footage above shows a perfectly healthy, conditioned C. narcosis feeding in captivity. Although C. narcosis has entered the Japanese trade many years ago, this is probably one of the first videos ever of C. narcosis in captivity, let alone one that’s feeding.*

    The beautiful specimen above seems to have settled in very nicely and has begun feeding with gusto on frozen mysis shrimp. Making a cameo appearance in this video is the super rare pair of*Cirrhilabrus claire, as well as the Tahitian Mystery Wrasse.*All the deepwater fish seem to be in excellent form and health – a testament to Rufus Kimura and his team’s skill in deepwater fish collection, as well as the extraordinary standard of care given by BlueHarbor.

    We’ve been told that the C. narcosis has been retailed at a hefty sum of USD 20,000. While the little fish costs an arm and a leg, the video above of it is free for viewing and it certainly is magnificent. Enjoy this flaw-free footage of C. narcosis as it stuffs itself full with delicious frozen shrimp.
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