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    There’s a whole crop of great and controllable LED lights that create a really sweet and suitable color spectrum for our reef tank and corals, but the only thing holding them back is even more functionality, and especially the fun of having wireless connectivity via your phone. To address this problem, Bluefish has been developing their Bluefish controller for use with great LED lights like the NanoBox Reef Tide but they’ve gone one step further, with a new drop-in LED controller called the Bluefish Mini.

    The Bluefish Mini is an all-in-one LED controller that takes the capabilities of multicolor, multichannel and dimmable LED reef fixtures and endows them with all of the modern features and controls that are baked right into the LED lights of the big boys. With the heart of an Electric Imp, the Bluefish Mini basically takes all of the controls that are already included in basic, built-in controllers like those on the MaxSpect RazR, and puts them in a much easier to use and program graphical user interface, right there on your smartphone.

    [​IMG]The Bluefish Mini will be a great upgrade for owners of legacy LED lights that are still cranking plenty of photons but perhaps came out too early to be equipped with what LED lights are currently using for controls these days. Better yet, the Bluefish Mini is a great platform for both DIYers and up and coming LED manufacturers to partner with to control their LED lights so that engineers and designers can focus on the light fixure itself, and use a straightforward wireless control platform which is already loaded with all the features we look for in LED lights.

    Pricing and compatibility with the Bluefish Mini has not yet been determined but if these pictures are any indication, we should see a version for the MaxSpect RazR sooner than later. [Bluefish]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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