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    The Bluefish Lighting Controller is a new device that’s been in the works for some time now, and aims to become a fully fledged miniature aquarium controller. While focusing on the dimming and timing of LED lights is the BlueFish’s main strength, a collection of different sensors and modules will join the Bluefish soon after launch to expand its aquarium controlling capabilities.

    Aiming to launch earlier this year, the Bluefish controller is a 6-channel analog or digital device which can control devices using 0-10v inputs or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). While the Bluefish does sport a blue LCD screen for status displaying, there are no buttons on the controller as it is completely wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth WiFi*using mobile applications for either Android or iOS.


    The Bluefish’s 6 channels of controls are*distributed across three, 3.5mm audio jacks making them ideal to play well with wired AI LED lights as well as Kessil A360s. (same as the A360s and wired AIs). All manner of NanoBox Reef LEDs and simple constant voltage LED striplights will also be supported. While some other controllable accessories including a power bar are in the works for the Bluefish controller, its core strength will be in providing wireless, controllable access to LED lighting.

    We’re still waiting to see how well the Bluefish will live up to its claims, and how much it will cost you for the privilege of granting more intelligence to regular LED lights. We are expecting more announcements on the Bluefish controller as it gets closer to launch so keep an eye on this space, and for some additional details visit the Bluefish website.

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