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    The Bluefish LED Controller we’ve been following is now officially ready for prime time and is taking preorders for its official release May 5. The Bluefish LED Controller is going to retail for $195 USD but you can get a $25 discount if you preorder it between now and April 6. Both the iOS and Android apps will be also be available at launch.

    The Bluefish can directly control*Meanwell LDD drivers for DIY LED setups, all Meanwell Dimmable LED Drivers for DIY LED setups,*Kessil A360 Pendants,*Nano Box LED Fixtures (all models), and anything that accepts a 0-10V, 5V PWM, or 10V PWM signal.

    You may have heard the target release pricing to be around $179 instead of the announced $195 and this bump in price correlates to several hardware upgrades made before the launch to make the unit more robust and user friendly. According to the Bluefish team, “Changes include a higher quality power supply, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection, and jumpers (instead of solder-jumpers which would have required soldering experience and a soldering iron) for voltage selection on each channel. These changes added a small increase in cost of materials and assembly but we felt were necessary to ensure we had a top-quality product.”

    No worries for our international readers, as the BluefishWe will also have packages available with appropriate power supplies for the UK, EU, and Australia.

    Want to see what the Bluefish LED Controller is all about? Check out the demo video below.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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