Blue Treasure Sps Sea Salt

20 Oct 2012
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Goodwood, Cape Town
Seeing Blue Treasure salt at one of my LFS’s in May of this year, I decided I would first go home and get on the net and research as much I could about this new brand of salt that I have not yet heard of. Well the info I found really looked promising, parameters stated on their packaging all looked good. I am not one who likes to switch between brands but I was itching to try it out for myself.

The salt comes packaged in 20kg buckets as well as 6.7kg bags (which has a zip lock) perfect size for the reefers with the smaller tanks. I decided to purchase a bucket of salt and was looking forward to giving the extremely well priced salt a go.

I got my mixing drum ready with a 100 litres of RO water (TDS of 0). I heated the water to 25̊C and added a power head for circulation. Opening up the bucket, I noticed that the salt has a fine grain. I mixed in the salt at 35grams per 1 litre as per the instructions on the bucket.

Curiosity made me check it 20min later and the water was nice and clear and the salt was totally dissolved no residual at the bottom of the mixing drum. I left it mixing for another 4 hours and then checked the salinity using a Deltec Seawater Refractometer - spot on 1.025.

I decided to check Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium as well as PH.
Alkalinity - 8dKH (Salifert)
Calcium - 440ppm (Salifert)
Magnesium - 1440ppm (Red Sea Coral Pro)
PH - 8.46 (Hanna Checker)

The most astonishing thing of all about Blue Treasure Salt is the reaction I get from the corals after every water change. The corals become more vibrant; polyp extension is better. I have seen a very good response. I have never experienced it so much using other brands. I have spoken to other reefers about their experience using Blue Treasure salt and all say the same thing: the responses they get from their corals are awesome.

I definitely will only be using Blue Treasure salt - excellent results, value for money and as long as it’s available. Happy reefing all you Reefers!

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thanks for this, was keen to try the brand myself, just wish they were closer.
Mike, I love this salt just as much. I am doing a weekly wc and are using this salt for quite a while now. I don't need to dose anymore. I do find that my Mg is bit high. About 1500 ppm but as you all say, that is not a major problem. For the price comparing to other brands this is really a good product.
Pet Stop in Pretoria also stock this salt.
Tested it in store and had great results!!
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