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    The striking blue juvenile pelagic porcupinefish above was recently acquired by Absolutely Fish in a shipment from Bali. The pelagic porcupine fish is not a an aquarium fish you hear about everyday, precisely because they are more ocean going than reef associated fish. This unique looking blue pelagic porcupine puffer is not a morph or a variant of the three foot long porcupine puffer, Diodon hystrix, but an different species entirely, Diodon eydouxii.

    diodon-eydouxii-300x204.jpg Adult appearance of the pelagic porcupine puffer

    The pelagic porcupinefish may be a more active swimmer but at least it only grows to about one foot long (27cm)* making adults much more manageable than the ubiquitous porcupine puffer. In either case the inch and half blue porcupine puffer has a lot of room to grow and although it may lost most of its blue coloration as an adult, it still develops a unique streamlined shape and interesting markings that seem more puffer than porcupine.

    [Absolutely Fish via Advanced Aquarist]
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