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    Blue*Hypnea is a new macroalgae from ORA which is interesting and colorful enough to be cultured in aquarium for its own sake. Not to be confused with more purple colored*Ochtodes from the Caribbean,*the blue*Hypnea algae is an attractive algae which will look colorful but not grow gangbusters and take over any reef or coral aquarium.

    Like other macroalgaes,*Hypnea will grow under a wide range of light levels and qualities but will look its best when given an intermediate coral-intensity of light. People often think “macroalgae” and instinctively think it can get by with less light, which is true, and also true of corals, but all photosynthetic creatures simply do best when given the environment they need.

    [​IMG]Blue Hypnea algae, Hypnea pannosa, pictured growing in Singapore.

    Another tip on keeping and growing the*Blue Hypnea algae, probably Hypnea pannosa, is that like all algae belonging to the*Rhodophyta or Red Algae phylum, they need a lot of iodine. If you grow Hypnea and want to keep it in peak form, you’ll want to make regular additions of some form of iodine supplement.

    In a crowded catalog of captive bred fish and corals and clams, the fact that ORA decided to offer a macroalgae ought to signal how attractive the blue Hypnea algae can look. As far as decorative macroalgaes go, blue Hypnea algae is a worthy addition to nano reefs, refugiums, macroalgae scrubbers and the few saltwater planted tanks out there. *[ORA]
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