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    There’s something about a big juicy blue Acropora, or a super nice Acropora millepora with perfectly developed scaly texture, that always grabs our attention. That is why the big blue Acropora spathulata Unique Corals flaunted from Australia is one we must have for our high energy SPS tank.

    Also known as the “Thick Milli” Acro, Acropora spathulata has only become available relatively recently with Australian acro imports. The most common and predominant form of Acropora spathulata we see available is kinda green, kinda pinkish tipped, with a beautiful texture to the radial corallites but not necessarily slamming coloration, like the colony seen in the foreground of the light field image below.

    However, we know from pictures and a small handful of specimens that the incredible Thick Milli Acro*does*come in a beautiful nearly all blue coloration that ranges from lavender to purple depending on the lighting, and it is intense. We are actually quite surprised that*Unique Corals*was selling this blue Acropora spathulata as a colony because there’s probably a dozen reefers would have loved to get a frag of this incredible coral, but fear not, we have a hunch there will be more to come and eventually, plenty to go around.

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